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Rapid Fire Detection

Using AI fire detection technology to protect tomorrow's possibilities

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to advance early bushfire detection

Fire Foresight leverages AI-enabled computer vision to offer an advanced wildfire detection and management solution. It employs AI-driven fire cameras and a cloud-based visualisation platform, enhancing early detection and response capabilities across various landscapes. This technology enables rapid identification of smoke signals, delivering real-time alerts and visual data through a centralised dashboard for effective emergency management.


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AI fire detection footage


We support early fire detection across a range of industries


Fire Foresight provides a critical early warning system, enabling rapid detection of wildfires to protect vast tracts of forest, preserving biodiversity and reducing economic losses


Fire Foresight enhances urban safety by swiftly detecting fires in peripheral areas, mitigating risks to homes, businesses, and public spaces, and facilitating quicker emergency responses to protect urban communities.


Fire Foresight aids the energy industry by offering advanced fire detection capabilities, ensuring the protection of critical energy infrastructure from wildfire threats, thereby maintaining energy supply continuity and enhancing the safety of both assets and personnel.


Fire Foresight ensures the early detection of fires near or within mining operations, minimising risks to both personnel and high-value machinery, thereby safeguarding production and reducing costly downtimes

Although it is impossible to completely prevent wildfires, the potential devastation can be minimised if fires are detected and precisely geolocated while still in their nascent phases

Mohapatra & Trinh (2022)

Fire Foresight remote fire monitoring


Early detection with AI Vision

Powered by advanced computer vision technology, Fire Foresight can detect even the faintest of fire signatures in complex terrains, ensuring that emergency services are alerted at the earliest signs of a bushfire.

IoT Connectivity for real-time responses

Thanks to Indicium Dynamics' expertise in IoT, Fire Foresight devices stay connected in the most remote locations. Real-time data flow ensures that every alert is timely, precise, and actionable.

Advanced data analytics and insights

Make data-driven decisions with comprehensive insights. Fire Foresight leverages the power of Indicium Dynamics' advanced data analytics, giving you a holistic view of potential fire threats and their progression.

Reliable and secure

Your data's security is our utmost priority. Fire Foresight boasts end-to-end encryption, guaranteeing that all transmitted data remains confidential and tamper-proof.

Seamless integration and scaleability

Whether you're a small community or a vast region, Fire Foresight can seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure. Its modular design allows for easy scalability to match any requirement.



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  • 360-degree vision provides complete visual monitoring of protected zones

  • ​High-resolution vision with zoom capabilities facilitates precise review by emergency services 

  • Heavy-duty camera design, providing reliable operation in the toughest of conditions

AI-Powered Smoke Detection Camera

The frontline in detecting smoke across any landscape

The frontline in detecting smoke across any landscape

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Cloud-based Detection & Management Platform

Ensuring you're informed and prepared at all times

Fire Foresight AI Fire detection footage
  • Centralised data insights displaying camera visuals, with interactive directional map overlays and integration of existing publicised alerts

  • Fully customisable and configurable data displays

  • Seamlessly integrates into existing processes

  • Simple to use



  • Integration of various data sources ensures users have access to the most accurate, up-to-date information for preemptive action and strategic planning

  • Fire detection information is swiftly analysed and categorised based on urgency and potential impact

  • Tailored alert distribution ensures that the right personnel are notified at the right time, based on their roles and responsibilities

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Advanced Analytics for Detection & Alerting

Ensuring rapid response to the most critical situations, thus minimizing potential damage and loss

Fire and smoke upon a cliffside

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